Bellingham Alterations


Sewing Machine

We are happy to be able to offer fast, high quality alterations, tailoring, and repair services. Most jobs can be completed within one week of drop off. Please allow some extra time for fitting/consultation when you bring in items to our sewing studio. We are committed to producing high quality work, and a good part of that is taking the time to clearly and thoroughly communicate with you about your items. We work on all fabrics, including leather and stretch fabrics.

We love to repair and restore garments. We patch holes, replace zippers, darn knits, and refelt holes in boiled wool. No repair is too small; we will do our best to find a solution to any problem. We also love to “re-vision” items with decorative techniques and creative repurposing.

You do not need an appointment to bring in items to the sewing studio. All of our staff is knowledgeable about fabrics, fitting, and repair techniques.

  • Our hourly rate for basic repair work is $20, for more complicated sewing and design work, $25.
  • Hemming sleeves, pants, skirts starting at $10.
  • Zipper replacement starting at $15
  • Fitting on shirts starting at $10
  • Fitting on pants starting at $15

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